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Film Production

Alegna produces independent content in the format of feature length films, short films, web series, animation and documentaries. 

We support local productions as well as in-house concepts with the support of industry experts to produce only the highest and most entertaining and emotive productions. We push boundaries, pull at heart strings and make films that hopefully everyone can enjoy. 

If you have a concept you'd like support in producing, we would love to help you so please reach out to us. 

Music Video

Our focus is supporting local musicians and artists, collaborating together to create cinematic Music Videos that will help market your brand and introduce you to the world. Our goal is to creatively support the artists vision and bring to light their talent through innovative narrative or performance based visual storytelling for any music genre. 

Social Media Content

Statistically, 95% of viewers are more likely to remember a call to action after watching a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text format. Your brand evolves continually and creating content that is 30 second - 1 minute in length to promote your services or product, client testimonials or instructional videos are important to keep connected with your audience, allowing for new viewers — which could eventually become loyal customers.


We believe every business no matter how big or small benefits from strong video and photography content to help promote your product or service effectively. We offer services in promotional videos, client testimonials, instructional videos, emergency procedure videos and product photography suitable for website and social media marketing, in-house procedures for your workers as well as conference and live event presentations.

Artists Showreel

For actors, dancers, singers and any performer, it is extremely difficult to get a foot in the door. Having a showreel to promote your talent is something talent agencies and casting directors look for to see if you are the right candidate for their latest production. 

Our heart is to help people succeed and encourage them with their dreams. We offer this service to help promote artists with a high quality content real that will wow their management team and hopefully aid in landing that next gig. 

Reach out to us for more information. 

Real Estate

Are you looking to sell your property or an Agent seeking a professional crew to help promote your clients house? Every property deserves the best advertising as possible and thats why with our photography and videography packages, we know just the right framing to make your property shine.  Using high quality gear with 4K capabilities including state of the art drone, we can assist in creating a variety of looks for your home and help bring the wow factor into selling your property. 

3D Animation & Design

Our incredible design specialists create stunning images for an array of diverse clients. We produce 3D animation for automative, games and characters using software such as Maya, Mentalray and Photoshop combining Shading, Lighting and Composition to create state of the art animations for any project. 

Services include animation content for automotive services, intro and outro logo animated logo design, standard logo print design, web design, brochures, flyers, business cards and social media marketing content.